Botanical Mist Diffuser Large

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Botanical Mist Diffuser Large

 The Botanical Mist Diffuser has a 250ml Tank giving you up to 12 hours on continuous setting or up to 24 hours on intermittent.

 Ultrasonic Diffusers area perfect way to scent your home without a flame or heat, they create the fragrance with a small vibrating system which creates a mist that scents the air.

To use this product you fill with water up to just under maximum line and add 8-12 drops of your favourite fragrance oil or essential oil.

You can se this unit with colour changing lights, no lights at all, on continuous fragrance or it can be set to turn on in intervals so that the fragrance isn't too overwhelming. They also switch off themselves when empty.

* You can find oils to pair with these on our website under Fragrance Oils*

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